Travel preparations

Travel equipment



Before you start the trip I want to point out that the journey can be tiring due to temperature, traveling around, new experiences and visiting "highly charged" sites.

It might happen that we have to improvise and use our own initiative. Flexibility and being open to whatever is happening would be a great attitude to adopt this tour with.

There is always the possibility to meditate for 2 hours and to explore the locations and country side at your own; however the route and duration of stay is predetermined.

We will be traveling with English as the main language, which gives people from all countries the chance to join this inspiring journey. 

There will be possibilities for shopping only at the end of the journey. At the beginning our program is quite tight.

It is our wish that you travel in the most unstressed, relaxed manner that is possible, safe and undisturbed, without having to deal with technical or logistical tasks.