Travel essentials




Comfortable light summer clothes, long-sleeves/fleece for the evenings (mosquito protection), possibly light rain coat or umbrella.

Tsum Valley

Trekking clothes, warm long underwear (Merino wool has proven successful), dawn jackets, good trekking shoes.



Soft trolley bag or backpack and a smaller back pack for during the day.


Meditation equipment

Meditation cushion, shawl, etc., weatherproof small mat to meditate on




Bed sheet, pillow, sleeping bag with a comfort range to 5°C (possibly small isolation mattress).

Tsum Valley

Sleeping bag with a comfort range to -5°C. 


Mosquito repellent

India / Nepal / Myanmar

A Mosquito net is very useful at nights (in accommodation partially available), mosquito cream or spray, bright long sleeve and light clothing, possibly mosquito-seat tent (the full protection while sitting outside).



Glasses, hat, sun tan lotion etc.



Forehead flashlights have proven good and useful in the past.


Mess kit

Cup, storage box for sealing, Swiss knife, fork, spoon.


Passport and Visa

A minimum of 4 passport and visa photocopies, at least 4 identical passport photos.



We will have 110V electricity in almost all accommodation. A flat plug will work. An adapter would be better.

Tsum Valley

Power source is only partially available.