Travel preparations


Overnight stays and overnight accommodations

Dhamma Yatra India/Nepal/Myanmar

Our overnight stays will be in mid-class guest houses, pilgrimage accomodations and monasteries. The latter can be simple but good, mostly with attached bathrooms. We will sleep in double rooms, possibly in rooms having more than 2 or 3 beds. It might happen that women and men stay segregated. Couples should keep this in mind. Stays in such accommodations support the character of a pilgrimage a lot.

Trekking Tsum Valley

2 person tents during the trek.



Dhamma Yatra India/Nepal/Myanmar

Breakfast will be prepared mostly by ourselves (fruit, cereal, bread, jam, coffee, tea). We also look forward to little suprises for breakfast (you bring on your own): i.e. nuts, dried fruit, granola honey, jam, Nutella, peanut butter, canned bread, tea, coffee, etc.
We will arrange a suitable restaurant for lunch. It can be a roadhouse on the way.
During dinnertime a lot of interesting things happen at the sites (i.e. ceremonies, sittings). As such, there is no prearranged dinner schedule and you are free to arrange your own meal, we will however suggest options.

Mineral water will be brought by our bus crew and will be available at a small fee.

Tsum Valley

As indicated in the description of travel.




Warm and dry. Day time up to 25°- 30°C. Night time 10°- 20°C.
It gets cooler towards mid November.

Tsum Valley

Between 25°C in the lower altitudes and 3°C at night at higher altitudes 


Travel budget & additional expenditures

For meals, entrance fees and pocket money of approximately €150 - €200 should be factored into your travel budget (in addition to the journey fee).
Consider budget for Dana at one's own discretion.
€20 for a common tip box.

Please bring enough cash. ATM's and money changers are found only in the big cities. 


Individual subsequent journeys

All our tours can be perfectly combined with individual subsequent journeys and offer a wonderful oportunity to participate e.g. on a meditation course. Please plan accordingly. We are happy to support you.