India/Nepal - Yatra along the Path

The main focus of this yatra is placed on meditation at the four main sacred places where the Buddha spend his life in Northern India and Nepal: Lumbini (birthplace), Bodhgaya (place of enlightenment), Sarnath (first Suttra) and Kushinagar (place of reaching Mahaparanirvana). In addition to these places, we are going to visit Sravasti, Vaishali, Rajgiri and the holy city of Varanasi.

Mainly our overnight stays are in monasteries and pilgrimage accommodation. These are simple (sometimes with up to 4 beds in a room), clean and most of them have a bathroom attached. Staying in such accommodation supports the pilgrimage atmosphere.

We will cruise in our own comfortable coach. At the beginning and end of our tour we shall take night trains. Two group-sittings will be offered every day, mostly at very special and "highly charged" sites. Various Vipassana Centers are offering us support and opportunities to meditate at their facilities.

A pilgrimage with meditation has quite the character of a retreat/course.
Prior experience in Theravada influenced meditation is advisable.

Naturally you will be exposed to a new culture (including land and people) and I would like to help you to develop a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of India and Nepal.

You will find a day-to-day travel plan with some photos below. For further information regarding preparations, health and travel essentials, please see the respective section.


Schedule "Along the Path"

on enquiry

Group capacity

Minimum 10 with maximum 25 participants

Travel price €1,490.00 excluding flight
Single supplement: €40 (possible in Delhi only)

This includes:

  • Experienced and empathetic tour guide Jörn Materne;
  • All nights;
  • Delhi sight-seeing;
  • all meals;
  • All transportation and transfers.

This does not include:

  • Flight;
  • Visa fees for India and Nepal;
  • Entrance fees, gratuities, personal expenses, and
  • Insurances.


  • Tolerance for potentially different hygiene conditions to those you are customed to at home. 


Flights to / from Delhi can be booked directly or with our partner
Moskito Adventures 



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